Products:  Aluminum Cabinets and Sub-Bases

Our NEMA rated aluminum cabinets are manufactured by APX Enclosures and are designed to house electronic traffic control control equipment and wiring, and to provide protection from the elements while allowing adequate ventilation.  We also offer solid and split sub-bases for housing batteries and wiring.  Click on the links below for more detailed product information.

Aluminum Cabinet Sub-Bases

    6" Type "P" Sub-Base

    6" Type "M" Sub-Base

    18" Solid Sub-Base with Adjustable Shelves

    18" Split Sub-Base with Adjustable Shelves

Aluminum NEMA Rated Traffic Cabinets

    Large Single Door Cabinet (LS)

    Small Single Door Flasher Cabinet (SM)

    Double Door Cabinet (DD)

    Quad Door Cabinet (QD)

    Specline NEMA 4X Cabinet (SL)

    Rack Mount Cabinet (RM)

    Quad Door Rack Mount P-Cabinet

    Pedestal Cabinet, Meter Type "T" (PE)

    Cabinet Options and Accessories

    Cabinet Beautification Anti-Graffiti Laminates

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