Technical Papers

Below is a listing of technical papers that may be helpful when setting up, configuring, or troubleshooting various traffic control systems and components.








Radar Sensors

  Wavetronix SmartSensor HD Quick Reference Installation Guide

  Wavetronix SmartSensor HD User Guide

  Wavetronix SmartSensor HD - Short Run to Click! 200 Module

  Wavetronix SmartSensor Advance Quick Reference (Installer)

  Wavetronix SmartSensor Advance User Guide

  Wavetronix SmartSensor V Quick Reference (Installer)

  Wavetronix SmartSensor V User Guide


Radio Systems

  Intuicom Wireless Equipment Diagrams

  Intuicom Radio Settings for Direct Connection to Econolite ASC/2M

  Intuicom Radio Settings for an Econolite ARIES System

  Intuicom RS-232 Cable Master Cabinet Pin-Outs


Solar Beacons

  Carmanah E and F Series Traffic Beacon User Manual

  Carmanah G Series Traffic Beacon User Manual

  Carmanah R829 School Zone Calendar Configuration Instructions

  Carmanah RRFB - Typical Installation Configurations

Autoscope Cameras

  Replacement Fuses for Econolite TIP and ACIP Camera Interface Panels

  How to Reset Econolite Autoscopes to Their Factory Default Configuration


Controllers and Closed Loop Systems

  Econolite ARIES to ASC/3 Direct Connect Settings

  Econolite ASC/3 Logic Processor Programming

  Econolite ASC/3 Selection of Functions by Coordination or TOD

  Econolite ASC/3 SW Upgrade Instructions Using ASC/3 File Transfer Utility

  Econolite ASC/2S Programming Chart

  Setting Up Econolite ASC/2S Local Detectors as System Detectors

  Econolite ASC/3 and ASC/2M Radio Configuration Using Intuicom Radios

  Econolite Controller Telemetry Configuration for IFS Modems and Cables

  Econolite ARIES Ethernet Connection Using Comtrol DeviceMaster RTS


LED Traffic Signals

  Why Yellow LED Traffic Signals Must Meet the ITE Spec at 74°C

  Pre-emption of Dialight Countdown Pedestrian Signals

  Department of Energy Ruling on Energy Star Standards (12/8/06)

  Dialight-Intertek (ETL) Traffic Signal Certification Program