Products:  Software

We offer a wide variety of software solutions designed to meet the needs of today's most demanding traffic applications.  Software is available for individual local and master controllers and for closed loop systems consisting of many controllers.  We also have software which allows you to collect and manage traffic data, integrate it with existing traffic systems, and generate useful data reports.  Click on the links below for more detailed product information.





Data Collection/Management Software

    Wavetronix Command Suite (Data Collection and Monitoring)

    Wavetronix Command Translator Software

    Wavetronix Command DataView (Data Analysis and Reporting)

    Wavetronix Command Viewpoint (Mapping)


Network Management Software

    Intuicom BroadbandPro Enterprise Wireless Network Software

Traffic Management Software

    Econolite Centracs 2.0 Advanced Transportation Management System

    Econolite Centracs Edaptive Next Generation Adaptive Signal Control

    Econolite Centracs SPM (Signal Performance Measures)

    Econolite Centracs Travel Time Module

    Econolite Centracs Priority Module

    GTT Opticom Central Management Software


Controller Software

    Econolite EOS Controller Software