Products:  Poles, Mast Arms, and Bases

We offer poles and mast arms from a variety of manufacturers for both traffic and lighting applications.  They are available in both aluminum and steel contstruction, and in standard and decorative finishes.  Click on the links below for more detailed product information.

Mast Arms

    Flagpoles Inc. Aluminum Traffic Mast Arms

    Flagpoles Inc. Stainless Steel Traffic Mast Arms

    Flagpoles Inc. Trombone Style Mast Arms

    Flagpoles Inc. Lighting Mast Arms

    StressCrete Group King Luminaire Arms


    Flagpoles Inc. Breakaway Bases

    Flagpoles Inc. Shoe & Transformer Bases

    Pelco Products Inc. Pedestal Bases

NJ County/DOT Drawings


    Flagpoles Inc. Aluminum Traffic Poles

    Flagpoles Inc. Stainless Steel Traffic Poles

    Flagpoles Inc. Vent Posts

    Flagpoles Inc. Pedestal Pole Assembly

    Pelco Products Inc. Pedestal Poles

    StressCrete Group Decorative Conrete Poles

Powder Coat Options