Products:  Preemption Systems

The Opticom infrared and GPS preemption systems from Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) are proven solutions for emergency vehicle preemption and transit signal priority.  Opticom transmitters mounted on your emergency and transit vehicles communicate securely with the intersection traffic controller to gain a temporary right of way.  Whether you work in traffic management, transit, or emergency services, the Opticom system gives you the ability to manage intersection traffic flow in a more efficent, reliable, and safe manner.  We are the sole Authorized Dealer for Opticom products in the state of New Jersey.  Click on the links below for more detailed product information.

Opticom GPS Preemption System

    Opticom GPS System Overview Brochure

    Opticom GPS Intersection Equipment

    Opticom GPS Vehicle Equipment

    Opticom IntelliGreen Priority Control

Opticom Infrared System

Opticom Infrared Preemption System

    Opticom Infrared System Overview Brochure

    Model 138 Detector Cable

    Model 462 and 464 Phase Selectors

    Model 492 Emitter

    Model 711, 721, 722 Detectors

    Model 760 Card Rack

    Model 762 Infrared Phase Selector

    Model 770 Gate Opener Card Rack

    Model 792 Emitter

    Model 794 LED Emitter

Opticom GPS System

Opticom Multimode Equipment

    Model 764 Infrared/GPS Phase Selector

    Model 768 Auxiliary Interface Panel

    Model 792M Infrared/GPS Strobe Emitter

    Model 794M Infrared/GPS LED Emitter

    Opticom Central Management Software