Products:  Miscellaneous Cabinet Equipment

Preemption Systems

    GTT Opticom Infrared Preemption System

    GTT Opticom GPS Preemption System

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    Alpha Technologies FXM HP Series UPS

    Alpha Technologies Transfer Switches

    Econolite DBL Series LED UPS

    Econolite HSU 1500 Series UPS Bypass Switches

    Signal Control Products Aux Power Upgrade Kit

We offer a broad selection of the industry's latest technology equipment for use in traffic control cabinets, such as load switches, signal conflict monitors, uninterruptible power supplies, etc...  Click on the links below for more detailed product information.



Signal Conflict Monitors

    EDI NSM Series (3/6/12 Ch. TS1)

    EDI SSM-E Series (3/6/12 Ch. TS1)    

    EDI SSM-LE Series (6/12 Ch. TS1, LCD)

    EDI MMU-16E Series (16 Ch. TS2)

    EDI MMU-16LE Series (16 Ch. TS2, LCD)

    EDI MMU-EXT Program Card

    Reno A&E MMU-1600

    Reno A&E MMU-1600G Graphical Display

    Reno A&E Model 2018, 18-Channel

Serial & Ethernet Radios

    Intuicom Communicator II 900MHz Serial

    Intuicom DIO 900MHz Contact Closure

    Intuicom EB-X 900MHz Serial/Ethernet

    Intuicom Broadband Ethernet

Fiber-Ethernet Switches

    ComNet CNGE3FE8MS 11-Port Switch

    ComNet CNGE11FX3TX8MS Gigabit Switch

Load Switches and Flashers

    Reno A&E LS-200 Solid-State Load Switch

    Reno A&E FL-200 Solid-State Flasher

    Reno A&E TR-200 Flash Transfer Relay

    Struthers-Dunn Flash Transfer Relays

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