Products:  Detection Devices

We offer a wide variety of detection equipment based on several different technologies, including traditional inductive loop systems, wide-area video detection, and digital wave radar.  Click on the links below for more detailed product information.












Econolite Autoscope Video

   Traffic Cameras

      Vision Camera

      AIS-IV Camera

   Camera Interface Panels

      Vision Comm Manager

  Controller Interfaces

      Vision I/O 24 Module

   Machine Vision Processors (MVPs)

      RackVision Pro1 (RVP1) & Pro2 (RVP2) MVPs

      RackVision Terra Machine Vision Processor

Wavetronix Digital Radar

   Traffic Sensors

      SmartSensor HD

      SmartSensor Advance

      SmartSensor Advance Extended Range

      SmartSensor V

   Interface Modules

      Click! 100 Series Contact Closure Devices

      Click! 200 Series Surge Protection & Power

      Click! 300 Series Wired Communication

      Click! 400 Series Wireless Communication

      Click! 500 Series Programmable I/O Modules

      Click! 600 Series Cabinet Interface Devices


GTT Canoga Microloops

    Canoga 701 Microloop Sensor

    Canoga 702 Non-invasive Microloop Sensor

    Canoga C924X Vehicle Detector

    Canoga 944 Traffic Monitoring Card

    Canoga 9004 Vehicle Detector

Reno A&E Inductive Loops

   Traffic Vehicle Detectors

      Rack Mount LCD Detectors

      Rack Mount Dipswitch Detectors

      Shelf Mount LCD Detectors

      Shelf Mount Dipswitch Detectors

  Parking & Gate Access Detectors

      AX Series 1 Ch. 1 Output Detector

      AX2 Series 2 Ch. 2 Output Detector

      B Series 1 Ch. 2 Output Detector

      BX Series 1 Ch. 2 Output Detector

      J Series PC Board 1 Ch. Detector

      K Series PC Board 1 Ch. Dector

      Automatic Vehicle Identification


      Wiring Harnesses for Loop Detectors

      Loop Amplifier Power Supplies

      PLH and PLH-R Preformed Loop

      Loop Testing Systems (Loop Finders)

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