Products:  Signals and LED Modules

Our traffic signal heads are manufactured by Econolite and are offered with either aluminum or polycarbonate bodies, and with 8" or 12" signal indications.   We offer standard three, four, and five section signal heads, or we can build custom configurations as needed.  Dialight LED modules meet the latest specifications from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), and offer significant energy savings over incandescent signal bulbs.  They can be pre-loaded into the signal heads or are available separately for retrofit applications.  Click on the links below for more detailed product information.




Signal Heads

    Econolite 8" Aluminum Vehicle Signals

    Econolite 12" Aluminum Vehicle Signals

    Econolite 8" Polycarbonate Vehicle Signals

    Econolite 12" Polycarbonate Vehicle Signals

    Econolite 12"x12" Aluminum Pedestrian Signals

    Econolite 16"x18" Aluminum Pedestrian Signals

    Econolite 12"x12" Polycarbonate Pedestrian Signals

    Econolite 16"x18" Polycarbonate Pedestrian Signals

LED Signal Modules

    Dialight ITE 8" and 12" Circular LED Modules

    Dialight Programmable Visibility LED Modules

    Dialight ITE Arrow LED Modules

    Dialight ITE Pedestrian LED Modules

    Dialight Low Voltage Circular LED Modules

    Dialight Constant Current DC Drive Modules

    Dialight 48VDC Low Power LED Modules

Traffic Signal Cables

    Power & Tel IMSA Spec Cable


Louvered Inserts

    SCP 8" Aluminum Louver, Black

    SCP 12" Aluminum Louver, Black

Signal Ordering Guide
LED Traffic Signal Module Specifications
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