Products: ADA/APS Push Buttons

Our ADA-compliant pedestrian-friendly push button systems are manufactured by Polara, and are the most durable and technologically advanced crosswalk devices on the market. Click on the links below for more detailed product information.



Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) Actuation Systems

        iNS/iDS (Touchless) Next Generation iNavigator Accessible Pedestrian Signals
        iNavigator Accessible Pedestrian Signals
        Legacy EZ Communicator Navigator

Crosswalk Push Button Stations (PBS)

        inX/iDX (Touchless) Crosswalk Push Button Station
        Model-X Crosswalk Push Button Station

ADA-compliant Pedestrian Push Buttons and Accessories

        Bulldog Push Button
        Crosswalk Signs and Braille

Polara Model-X
Polara iNavigator
Polara Bulldog Push Button