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Econolite Cobalt ATC Controller

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Signal Control Products is the premier supplier of traffic control and monitoring equipment for New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.  Our large inventory of quality traffic products enables us to respond to your needs quickly, and our experienced staff is professional and courteous.

Econolite Centracs 2.0 ATMS

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New database editor

Better processing and response times

Improved user interface

TrafficCast BlueTOAD Spectra Travel-Time System
Econolite Centracs ATMS
TrafficCast BlueTOAD Spectra
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Large, bright, hi-res color touch screen

Programmable via web browser on PC/tablet

Upgradable via USB, SD card, or Ethernet

Highest sample and match rates in the industry

BlueARGUS travel time data analysis software

Econolite Cobalt ATC Controller
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